Sligo Leitrim Energy Agency

The Sligo Leitrim Energy Agency (SLEA) was established to support homeowners to make an informed investment in energy upgrades, enhance the capacity in the local supply chains and coordinate the interaction between these sectors.

Sligo Leitrim Energy Agency

The Sligo Leitrim Energy Agency was created to support homeowners, SMEs, Communities, Charities, and local authorities to make an informed investment in energy upgrades and advise them on what grants are best suited to them and their budget.  The Sligo Leitrim Energy Agency are co-funded by the EU, Sligo County Council, Leitrim County Council and receive technical support from The Atlantic Technological University Sligo.

Home Retrofit: what is it?

Home retrofitting is the process of improving the energy efficiency and comfort of an existing home by making changes to its structure and/or systems. This can include insulating walls and attics, replacing windows and doors, and improving or replacing heating systems. Retrofitting can also include, installing renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Home retrofitting can help reduce energy bills, improve indoor air quality, and even increase the value of a home.

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